Wouldn’t you love getting paid back for the things that you buy every day? There are a lot of cash back offers for different kinds of purchases and we will shed some light on them. The cash back promotions offer up to 6% cash back on stuff like groceries. Moreover, some of the cashback credit cards out there do not even charge any annual fee.

However, it is up to the user to use these cashback cards smarty and wisely to get the best out of them. First, make sure that you have chosen a card that suits your spending habits, credit history and financial objectives. In this article, we will be helping you out in understanding what a cashback credit card is and how you can choose the best deal.

1. Chase Freedom [i]

It is a really Overall Best Cash Back Card to keep all the time with you as it offers great value in different shopping conditions. The spending categories change from time to time but it gives 1% cash back on entire purchases. That itself is not as jaw dropping but you also get up to 5% cash back on up to $1,500 in a quarter’s spending.

After you have received the cash back, it is your choice whether you would want to take the cash back. However, an even smarter idea would be to pair it with another card like Chase Sapphire Card. This would enable you to start earning points and you wouldn’t even be needing another premium card for this. Furthermore, it would be like getting up to 5 reward points for every dollar that you spend on your card.

Upon maxing out all the categories by the end of the year, and converting the cash back in to reward points that would total to roughly 30,000 points, meaning $630 for travelling. If you want to keep things simple and take the 5% cash back, you would be entitled to $300.

2. Ink Business Cash Credit Card

This is one of the best cash back credit cards for anyone who owns a business. Worry not, your ‘business’ could be anything from dog walking to a simple flower shop. You can apply for this card to avail a number of benefits. This is because you get the kind of benefits that are tailored for an office culture. These include a 5% cash back on things like phone and cable services and office stuff etc. On the gas stations and restaurants, there is a cash back promotion of 2%.

It means that no matter where you go or where you eat, you will be getting a cash back in every situation. Moreover, if you have no interest in the immediate reward and want to convert it into rewards, you are in luck. This is because you can pair it with Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserved.

So, the bottom line is that if you have a business, you can easily get the cash back or wait a little and turn the cash back into ultimate reward points. This is same as doubling your reward.

3. Blue Cash Preferred® Card from American Express

Imagine getting rewarded handsomely for just living your everyday life, without having to do anything extraordinary. Not only you get entitled to a $200 bonus after spending the first $1,000 within 90 days, but you also get a 3% cash back on US gas stations. What about the rest of the purchases? Well, you receive 1% cash back on those as well. So, no matter what you purchase, you are getting something as a cash back in every case.

Who doesn’t like spending time in the supermarkets and buying everything they love? With Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express, you can avail up to 6% cash back at US supermarkets. On a downside, there is an annual $95 fee but do not let this discourage you. Rather think of how quick you can cover it. For example if you spend just $1600 in the entire year in the supermarkets, that will cover up your annual fee. Then it would be just like no Annual Fee Cash Back Card.

4. Bank of America® Cash Rewards credit card

Though not unbelievable, the rewards associated with this card are solid. One of the reasons for including this card in our list is that if you are a Bank of America account holder, you may possibly earn really good cash back. Even better if you are interested in getting Bank of America Preferred Reward clients with the help of BankAmerideals.

This card would enable you to get $200 online cash and all you have to do is spend up to $500 in purchases in the first three months of getting your card. An exciting feature of this card is that you get exempted from the interest on purchases in the first twelve months. Also, there is no interest on any balance transfer transaction for the first two months. [ii]

The rewards on this card include 3% on gas purchases and grocery purchases give you 2% cash back In addition to that, there is 1% cash back on all the other purchases. On a side note, Bank of America account holders can redeem their cash rewards just like an account deposit and they would even receive a 10% bonus on that. So, what are you waiting for? Choose the best card as per your spending habits and financial goals and start redeeming these amazing cash back deals.

Using this guide as a way to find the best Flat Rate Cash Back Card? Make sure to visit the website of each card issuing company, in order to make sure that the promotions are still there.

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