Paying the employees of an organization is always something which provides for a tough task for the department associated with this task and may lead to numerous errors if the task is done manually. However, these days as the time is passing on new and improved methods of payroll are taking place and giving an upper edge to the relevant department and making their job an easier one.

When we talk about the hassle of manual payroll processing we may find that there are numerous matters to be taken into consideration, one has to make deductions, adjust allowances, manage taxation and also print the slips and everything. This is a very long process and the concerned department put a huge effort and most of their time over it which may lead to wastage of resources. These days many organizations that have a huge employee base tend to outsource their payroll department however the same department may also be right in the house and a lot of cost maybe saved by just having the right software in place.

This payroll software has made the life of any organizations easier one and the HR department rather than wasting their time over the hassle of making payroll manually makes the quickest payroll in a limited time using these software.


Gusto is a very commonly used payroll software which works in a seamless manner when it comes to offering services of a payroll system. This software is an automated choice which is capable of handling a huge data. All you need to do is to provide the relevant information and feed it in its system and it will automatically process the payroll and deliver the results in the quickest possible manner.

The best part about using this software is the automated functions it comes packed with and the average cost to process payroll also cuts down when you take a hold on this software because this one time investment helps cutting down the salary you have been paying to your employees. This software has been of much help and makes all the calculations automatically be it deductions for the leaves or tax. This software is being used in thousands of the companies in U.S.

Sage 50 Cloud

Among numerous other software operating in the world of accounting and payroll this is a pretty much suitable choice for the companies operating in either small size or medium size environment. This software master the art of managing with the payroll solution of your company and at the same time it provides an ease to look after the cash flows, budgeting, managing inventory and bank reconciliation.

At a point where it helps you make your payroll processing a piece of cake with its automated calculations, it also provides you within opportunity to use it for the other accounting tasks for instance your accountant may save their time but keep a track record of the daily inflows and outflows too and it reminds you of the different payments you might need to make. (i)This software also comes equipped with a complete backup system which provides for a lot of ease in the case when you end up losing your data, it may easily help you retrieve your data without any hassle and stress. This software actually cuts down the mental task and pressure from your accountants to about 50 percent and that is too much on the side of being helpful.[i]


OnPay is a complete solution of being a packaged payroll system that provides for many such technical operations that are beneficial for a company on many ways. Though this payroll is very extensive one in terms of its operation it may not handle too huge data and is suitable for either small sized business or the medium ones. Once the data has been entered in the system which includes the hours, reimbursements, bonuses and any other deduction or increment it may work like wonder.

The payroll system also works efficiently in paying either through a direct deposit or a check and everything is automated which saves time as well as manpower which may be utilized somewhere else more efficiently. The vendor also offers a free of cost trial to the companies and that is for a week so deciding whether or not it suits your organization is a piece of cake. The best part about having this system in hand is the ease of its compliance being up at the law and regulatory requirements which make the job of performing up to the mark an easier one. This software not only accounts for the payroll of employees but also takes into account the health insurance policies too and also adjusts them with the payroll of each employee according to their ranks and positions.[ii]

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is a complete accounting software which performs all the tasks of booking keeping and beyond that when it comes to the performance of all the accounting operations. This software is associated with the provision of all kinds of accounting services like managing and maintaining the cash flows, making budgets and controlling all the expenses of an organization. This software also allows you to make your vendor payments online and everything is connected in a very extensive way therefore you may easily manage your entire account department over a single click.

The best thing about this system is perhaps that the users may also manage their payrolls using their mobile phones as it connects to the mobile phones even much easily and gives a complete access to everything which is associated with ones accounting system.

These systems are all equipped with very efficient payroll processing systems and these systems cut down the need to have many employees and also automate everything which allows shrinking the efforts your account department might do. There were times when hours and hours were wasted over just the payroll calculation but now these softwares are doing wonders and with an automated approach everything is coming in the league with a lot of ease in many ways.[iii]