As the prominence of technology is increasing in our life with the faster pace the need to have new and improved gadgets always stays there. We might be equipped with numerous gadgets all the time but when a new one comes to the market we may always look forward to it and have hands on something that has more and more functions, innovations and what not.

Therefore to keep the trends in place and moving the manufacturers even work hard to bring about new technologies and innovations to offer you and make your life as simple and automated as possible. This improvement in trends maybe witnessed in all regards be it laptops or be it mobile phones and every now and then new and improved gadgets are being released. The providers aim to give you all that is new and make your life pretty much helpful and automated.

Similarly, the role played by laptops is also equally essential; no matter you need it for your personal use of you need to have it to provide you a deal of official usage or you simply need to play games you need a laptop for all these things. These days the presence of laptop has made the life of a number of people easier and its portability is something which allows people to carry everything they want with them even overseas.

Dell XPS 13

Dell is the name in the industry of laptops which always takes a higher lead in all aspects, this company has been doing a great job in providing and floating new and improved laptops every now and then the functionality and designs have always been commendable. This time too we will see something great in 2019 in terms of Dell laptops and this is going to be none other than Dell XPS 13.

(i)Dell XPS 13 is core i7 laptops featured with its 8GB RAM and catered the display of 13 inch followed by another variant of 15 inches too. This laptop has been among the top rated laptops in the league and offers an entire system of touch screen to meet the latest model and innovative technologies. There is so much in the markets which has been used by people that they always tend to look for something new and exciting every now and then. This laptop caters all the new technological innovations people might be looking forward to. The battery life of Dell XPS 13 is also up to 7 hours and therefore one may easily carry out their work for longer periods of time without any hassle of losing out with the battery and grabbing the chargers. So, all in all as per the laptop reviews we may find it a perfect choice to be grabbed in a reasonable price.[i]

Lenovo Yoga Book

Lenovo Yoga Book is all set to be seen in the upcoming year 2019 and is going to be as amazing as the laptops from Lenovo have always been. The best thing about having hands on this brand is the fact that the average cost of laptop charged by Lenovo is always very much on the side of being reasonable and the operations and function offered under this name are always the most high tech ones.

However, when we look in to the details we find that this laptop is a great idea to be used for personal work since it is not that capable top handles much of the heavy work. Therefore, when you are looking for a laptop for your daily use this may prove to be the bets choice to go for. This laptop is also finished with the quad core processor and there is a camera at the front as well as back, the laptop comes backed with the 64GB and this storage capacity may be increased to 128 GB as well. The keyboard of this laptop is a Halo keyboard which is a complete touch styled keyboard and is a superb choice for the artist when it comes to making their work more finished and easier. The operating system of this laptop may either be Windows 10 or the Android Marshmallow 6.0.1. This laptop is the best choice to go for when you are looking for a perfectly available package with a reasonable price.[ii]

Apple MacBook Pro

Apple needs to introduction when it comes to the thought of having an eye on gadgets, therefore this Apple MacBook Pro is also amongst the top rated laptops which belong to a higher end and have been the best ones to go for. This laptop comes packed with the most seamless features and in comparison to other brands the screen resolution, graphics, functions and design everything associated with this laptop is commendable and takes away the lead.

This laptop has been featured with an Intel Core i7 processor and the upgradable storage capacity is all what a person may need in a gadget like laptop. When we take into consideration the Apple MacBook Pro there are some of the factors which always make it stand put among the other brands, this includes the screen resolution, performance capabilities and speed and the design. This is a pretty much light in weight choice and tends to give an awestruck feel and look.

This laptop has been featured with a touchpad and gives a perfect finished hardware finish too which provides a lot of ease to everyone out there. However, you may find this laptop consistent in terms of its performance but the battery life if pretty much inconsistent so this is a factor to consider.

There are numerous other laptops too which are going to be floated in the market in the upcoming year and are also going to be tremendous in terms of performance. But when we talk about the top rated laptops these three are great choices in terms of the price being affordable in comparison to the performance being offered by these laptops as it plays a significant role.[iii]