It is no hidden knowledge that Voice over IPs are the foundation of every business phone provider. Traditional copper wire landlines are becoming oblique and it is the right time to shift to VoIP to make phone calls. It has been over a decade that users have been dumping landlines for mobile phones en masse. Just tap into the high-speed internet connection to bypass your local phone company altogether. Want to upgrade to VoIP but still want to keep the same accessibility? Subscription and hardware based services might be the perfect solution for you.

Here is a list of the best VoIP service providers for you to pick one for yourself.


While it might not be the cheapest, it does deliver the goods! It is also a great choice for those who want to upgrade to a newer technology but are afraid to enter a world of internet telephony. There are a lot of plans for users to choose from, and the customer support is excellent.

Let’s talk small and progress it from there. The smallest package that Vonage offers costs from $12.99 per month and you get 400 minutes of calls to United States and Canada. This price also includes free shipping and installation. If you want a bigger plant, there is this plan that costs $24.99 and you get to enjoy unlimited calls to United States, Canada and Mexico. Also, this is no-contract offer, meaning that you can cancel the subscription any time. To sign up for Vonage residential plan, use this link and learn more about their terms and conditions.[i]


It is an affordable option for small to mid-sized businesses and uses as box to provide VoIP services. There are plenty of unique selling propositions about Ooma VoIP. These include voice compression to save your bandwidth up to 60% as compared to other VoIP services. Also, Ooma offers HD calling for better voice quality and phone calls are encrypted to provide maximum security. One downside is that you have to purchase the hardware – Ooma Telo, costs around $99. It needs a wired connection function. If you do not have a wired connection, you would have to purchase their Ooma Telo Air – it requires a wireless connection and costs $129.

There are 2 plans that Ooma offers. The Basic plan is free (minus the monthly landline taxes and the fee). The Premier is offered at $9.99 but it comes with a two-month free trial. There isn’t much difference between the two plans except that the Premier offers couple of unique features These include Amazon Echo connectivity and a mobile app for outbound and inbound calling with a feature of call blocking. [ii]


If you want to enjoy a solid set of features at an affordable price, 1-VoIP might be the best option for you. It comes with its own hardware and offers a base package of unlimited calls to US & Canada. This plan costs only $17.07 per month and there is no requirement of monthly commitment. Also, the good thing is that the hardware in included in it.

VoIP targets clients of every stature, even those with a startup can easily afford their basic $8.87 per month plan which offers 500 minutes of outgoing call time. The incoming is unlimited and so is the hardware. The premium feature of 1-VoIP offers great features such as sending PDFs as fax, getting voicemails in your email, automatic blocking of anonymous calls and more. The unique selling proposition of 1-VoIP is the inclusion of digital softphone, thanks to which you can use the service from your computer or laptop. [iii]


The unique thing about Voipo is that instead of selling the monthly plans, the company offers a straight 2-year deal at $149. Break this down and it costs a whopping low price of $6.21 per month, seriously! Though this 2-year commitment might not suit everyone, but it does offer great saving. Moreover, there is no restriction on the number of minutes that you would get.

If you are worried about making a long-term commitment then there’s good news for you. Voipo offers 30-day money back guarantee too. Meaning that if you aren’t satisfied with the product, simply return it and get your money back. Moreover, there are more than 40 deal sweeteners in the form of online voicemail, access to softphone, rollover line, automatic blocking of telemarketers and 1 hour free international talk time. To make the process even easier, Voipo does not make it necessary to buy their hardware. Means that you can use your existing hardware and still shift to Voipo to use a bundle of amazing features. [iv]


At first look, there is not much difference in Lingo than its rivals but it does deliver the goods! While the service and features may not be extraordinary, it is still a sweet deal for the price asked. Their basic plan starts at $11.95 per month with 500 minutes of calling time to US and Canada. There is no commitment required and you get to pay the shipping charge, cots of the adapter and fees too. If you are more inclined towards getting the unlimited calls plan, there’s this bundle called ‘America Unlimited’ which costs $24.95, with no contract requirement.

On a bright side, you get to enjoy the first month for free, to check the service and reliability for a whole month. Moreover, all the plans offer great features such as automatic anonymous call rejection, enhanced 911 and directory assistance.

We hope that our choice of top VoIP service providers was helpful to you in picking the best for your business. This list consists of plans best suited for small, mid and large organizations. Since the service providers may change the pricing and terms and conditions at any time, it is recommended to get in touch with them. Ask them for a free trial period of your chosen plan and read their terms and conditions carefully before ordering a VoIP. [v]